Attend the Fin Atlantic International Film Festival

The Fin Atlantic International Film Festival is scheduled to occur at Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane in Halifax. Eleven films will take place onsite, while the FIN stream will be online. 
French Gala
In this film, Nelly, who is just 8-years-old, loses her grandmother and gets involved in cleaning her house together with her parents. This allows her to explore where her mother, Marion, grew up and played. Her mother suddenly leaves, and this is where Nelly meets with Marion, who is her age, building her own treehouse. 
Titane by …

The Co-Production Agreement Between French and Canada is Signed

The Agreement of Audiovisual Co-production that happened between French and Canada was finally signed on July 28th. This is after a long time of negotiations that took place for nearly six years without concluding. The signing of the agreement was done online by Steven Guilbeault, the Minister of Canadian Heritage Minister, and Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, the Minister of Culture. 
The signing of this agreement marks a great achievement between the French and Canadian ministries. The two countries have had over a hundred collaborative works that they have been …

V-Unframed: The Exploration Between Virtual Reality and Art

The Alliance Française of Vancouver invites everyone to connect and explore at V-Unframed, the exploration between virtual reality and art. This mesmerizing virtual art exhibition features local and international artwork pieces. 
Traditionally, art is generally confined in a frame and then displayed on the walls of an art gallery. However, the V-Unframed showcases the realities, environments, and fascinating stories that lie beyond the enclosures of the canvas. 
In this event, the audiences will explore Escape V, …