How to Learn French Online

Given the current public health crisis the world is in, the internet has been increasingly useful for many people. If you wish to learn French efficiently, online resources can be your best option. 
Here are a few ways which can help you learn French online effectively. 
1. Taking an Online French Lesson
Nowadays, you can find several websites offering French lessons online. This is definitely one of the best ways to learn French as you will be working with a professional French language teacher. …

Festive French Foods Traditionally Served During Christmas

French cuisine is probably one of the most sought-after foods around the world. When it comes to a festive holiday feast, France definitely has one of the best places to dine in. 
There is a vast range of holiday foods served during Christmas in France. Below are some of the commonly served options.
1. Appetizers
The French appetizers during Christmas share common ingredients as their starters. The appetizers are typically foie gras, gravelaz salmon, smoked salmon, and occasionally caviar for those …

Why Cigarette Smokers in France Should Not Be Offered Vape as Alternative

Vaping should not be offered as a way to quit smoking. Studies show that there is not enough evidence that vaping is beneficial for those planning to quit cigarettes. Vape juice offers no significant benefits to those taking steps to quit smoking.
French health body le Haut Conseil de la santé publique (HCSP) suggests not recommending these devices as an aid in quitting smoking. HCSP previously suggested that this helps in quitting smoking. While a few studies have been made about e-cigarettes, there is not enough evidence presenting vaping as a great …

How Christmas is Celebrated in Paris, France

Like most parts of the world, Christmas is quite an important occasion in Paris. During this season, the shops and the city’s streets are full of Christmas lights and decorations. 
Christmas is definitely one of the most magical times in Paris. Discover how the city celebrates this huge occasion. 
1. The Christmas Market
The Christmas market in Paris is one of the most visited places in the city during the holiday season. Here, you can find festive food to eat with your family and …