The Fin Atlantic International Film Festival is scheduled to occur at Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane in Halifax. Eleven films will take place onsite, while the FIN stream will be online. 

French Gala

In this film, Nelly, who is just 8-years-old, loses her grandmother and gets involved in cleaning her house together with her parents. This allows her to explore where her mother, Marion, grew up and played. Her mother suddenly leaves, and this is where Nelly meets with Marion, who is her age, building her own treehouse. 

Titane by Julia Ducournau

In this film by French Director Julia, you will experience a thrill ride that will take you up the cliff and over.

Arthur Rambo by Laurent Cantent

Arthur Rambo is a secret alias that posts hateful, racist messages. 

Everything Went Fine by Francois Ozon

85-year-old Andre gets a stroke and lays half-paralyzed in his hospital bed. When Emmanuele visits her sick father, she is surprised that he wants her to help him end his life. But is she going to honor her father’s request?

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