The Inspire Festival in Moncton

For another time this year, the international and local artists are reshaping Monton’s urban landscape. 
The Inspire Festival in Moncton is a mural fest that allows artists to make interactive installations, frescoes, and other artistic wall projects within seven days. This festival aims to transform and adorn the city’s environment. 
The Inspire Festival commemorates art in its different forms by combining street shows, street art, and music. In 2019, a French artist known as Oak Oak created fantastic and …

Toronto’s “Take Care” Exhibition (Marne-la-Vallée)

When a curator in Canada makes an effort to gather artists across the world to discuss care, the community provokes reflection on the current society. 
The “Take Care” Exhibition in Toronto showcases the city’s artistic side through workshops, discussions, and performances. Cristine Shaw, a Canadian curator, invites artists worldwide to propose new and innovative tools to delve into the topic of care in French reference. 
These artists will introduce their work first hand in France and present new perspectives…

Education, Sciences, and Culture: Keep Yourself Busy With These Online Resources

Whether you are Canadian, French, Francophone, or Francophile, having something to keep yourself distracted from the current public health crisis is imperative. With the COVID-19 pandemic still being a huge phenomenon in today’s time, everyone must make a conscious effort to slow down the progression of this catastrophe. 
Given that establishments offering access to educational resources such as schools, libraries, and learning centers are not yet open to the public in many areas, the internet has become the major learning platform for many.