The Alliance Française of Vancouver invites everyone to connect and explore at V-Unframed, the exploration between virtual reality and art. This mesmerizing virtual art exhibition features local and international artwork pieces. 

Traditionally, art is generally confined in a frame and then displayed on the walls of an art gallery. However, the V-Unframed showcases the realities, environments, and fascinating stories that lie beyond the enclosures of the canvas. 

In this event, the audiences will explore Escape V, the Alliance Française of Vancouver’s virtual reality space. The Escape V can be accessed at the exhibition physically or virtually online through the Oculus Applab. 

This virtual reality space serves as a reference tool for the Francophile and Francophone communities. It is also a helpful tool that can be used to distribute artworks in their computerized form. 

This event is free and is open to everyone, regardless of age. Don’t hesitate to visit I’AF Vancouver to know more about this event.

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