Like most parts of the world, Christmas is quite an important occasion in Paris. During this season, the shops and the city’s streets are full of Christmas lights and decorations. 

Christmas is definitely one of the most magical times in Paris. Discover how the city celebrates this huge occasion. 

1. The Christmas Market

The Christmas market in Paris is one of the most visited places in the city during the holiday season. Here, you can find festive food to eat with your family and friends. This market is usually packed with shopkeepers from across France, making it a great place to do your Christmas shopping. 

2. Christmas Decorations

When you walk through the streets of Paris during the festive season, you will come across Christmas lights and decorations everywhere. You can see the local shops, streets, and pavements covered with colorful and mesmerizing Christmas decorations. You will especially love the festive touches in the city during the night when the Christmas lights are turned on. 

3. Holiday French Food

Holiday French food is probably the highlight of this festive season. France is renowned for its own Christmas Eve traditions, which involve a lot of exquisite holiday French foods. 

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