In partnership with the various schools across Canada, the French Embassy’s Cultural Service is launching its yearly cooperation program, specializing in culture and art in education. 

This program’s goal is to prosper in attaining a joint culture between Canada and France. This joint culture is rich and has distinct forms, whether scholarly or popular, contemporary or heritage. 

Highlight on Comics 2020: 

This is the lineup of events in this upcoming program:

  1. Machine à Bulles Exhibition + Workshops: In this event, the audiences will discover new comic forms through works showcasing the unique reading experiences brought by digital technology. 
  2. Reading Marathon: A vast selection of French-written comics will be available. 
  3. Authors Residency for Comic Books: There will be a comic book authors residency program in Moncton, Toronto, and Vancouver. 


A selection of French songs partnered with teaching aids for French lessons will be made accessible. 

The Digital World and Books

The enriched book competition for students invites students who are currently studying or have already finished their studies in Canada to make their own enriched books. 

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