Whether you are Canadian, French, Francophone, or Francophile, having something to keep yourself distracted from the current public health crisis is imperative. With the COVID-19 pandemic still being a huge phenomenon in today’s time, everyone must make a conscious effort to slow down the progression of this catastrophe. 

Given that establishments offering access to educational resources such as schools, libraries, and learning centers are not yet open to the public in many areas, the internet has become the major learning platform for many. 

To help our readers nurture their knowledge on significant topics such as education, sciences, and culture, we have accumulated several valuable online resources that are free to access. 

  • Culturetheque.com: This website offers a vast range of documentaries, books, comics, video games, and music centering around French culture. 
  • Culture chez nous: If you would like to keep tabs on the current cultural events, including online shows, operas, plays, etc., check out culturecheznous.gouv.fr: website. 
  • The BNF: The BNF or Bibliothèques Nationale de France offers online exhibitions covering a vast range of subjects related to French culture. You can visit the website on xpositions.bnf.fr:

Those are only a few of the online resources you can access for free. Stay tuned as we constantly update and add new websites, which all of you French culture enthusiasts will surely make great use of. 

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