When a curator in Canada makes an effort to gather artists across the world to discuss care, the community provokes reflection on the current society. 

The “Take Care” Exhibition in Toronto showcases the city’s artistic side through workshops, discussions, and performances. Cristine Shaw, a Canadian curator, invites artists worldwide to propose new and innovative tools to delve into the topic of care in French reference. 

These artists will introduce their work first hand in France and present new perspectives on the dangers of work, prison, migration, medical institutions, even environmental control. 

Additionally, this exhibition also challenges how art, feminism, self-help, indigenous knowledge, and queer culture can play a role in acknowledging care as a vital part of the cultural and social force. 

Between concern and care, the idea of care encourages an encompassing reflection and contemplation on our society. From a global point of view of the “care dilemma,” it is essential to politicize and revalue care by discovering the different relationships and forms it can take. 

In production partnership with Mississauga’s Blackwood Gallery and the participation of the Canadian Culture Centre, the Take Care Exhibition will take place at the Centre d’art de la ferme du Buisson on July 21st, 2022. Here, you can expect to see artists like Steven Eastwood, Sheena Hoszko, Stephanie Comilang, Hazel Meyer, and more.

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