French cuisine is probably one of the most sought-after foods around the world. When it comes to a festive holiday feast, France definitely has one of the best places to dine in. 

There is a vast range of holiday foods served during Christmas in France. Below are some of the commonly served options.

1. Appetizers

The French appetizers during Christmas share common ingredients as their starters. The appetizers are typically foie gras, gravelaz salmon, smoked salmon, and occasionally caviar for those who have a bit more money to spare. 

French appetizers during Christmas also typically include shrimp and taramasalata. Moreover, a small piece of gingerbread with foie gras toppings and some fig jam is a popular Christmas appetizer in France. 

2.Main Course

The main course during Christmas in France typically involves various types of meat such as duck, guinea fowl, capon, and turkey. Ideally, the most popular main dishes for Christmas in France are duck soaked in orange juice, duck confit, and duck breast filet. 

3. French Desserts

Lastly, for dessert, the Christmas Buche is a must-have during Christmas Eve in France. This conventional dessert is essentially a rolled cake covered with cream and has a chestnut or chocolate taste. In addition to the Christmas Buche, candied fruits and chocolate truffles are served as desserts during Christmas in France. 

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