Vaping should not be offered as a way to quit smoking. Studies show that there is not enough evidence that vaping is beneficial for those planning to quit cigarettes. Vape juice offers no significant benefits to those taking steps to quit smoking.

French health body le Haut Conseil de la santé publique (HCSP) suggests not recommending these devices as an aid in quitting smoking. HCSP previously suggested that this helps in quitting smoking. While a few studies have been made about e-cigarettes, there is not enough evidence presenting vaping as a great alternative to smoking and a way to reduce nicotine dependence and consumption.

Previously, health professionals recommended vaping as a step in completely quitting smoking. However, emerging studies suggest that doctors should not recommend this to smokers who plan to quit smoking. Instead, they should use methods that are proven and tested for efficacy.

In July 2022, the WHO claimed that e-cigarettes need to be regulated due to their dangerous effects. This has been disagreed with the claim that nicotine content in vapes can be lower than in cigarettes. Furthermore, e-cigarettes became very popular because they offer nicotine consumption without the danger of inhaling tar and carbon monoxide, which are both dangerous to the respiratory system.

While vaping generally cannot be correlated with deaths due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it does not completely eliminate the risks brought by nicotine. Vape juices usually contain nicotine and other substances like heavy metals, diacetyl, and other cancer-causing chemicals.

The community cannot be spared from the adverse effects of nicotine from vaping despite the technology involved. While smokers quit not just for themselves but also for the people around them, resorting to vapes for the better does not actually do so much good.

The vapor from e-cigarettes is harmful to those who are around that can be second-hand smokers.

In 2019, a study found that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes can have higher addiction potential. Unless the vape cartridge does not contain nicotine, its use continues to be a threat both to the non-smoker and the smoker himself.

What to Do Instead?

If you are someone looking for ways to quit smoking in France, it is better to find alternative means to quit smoking completely. Here are a few ways.

Ask for help

Some goals can be accomplished faster with someone’s help. Look for a health professional who can help you set your goals.

Create a timeline

Big wins start with little victories. To get to your end goal successfully, start your goals with a timeline. Set a weekly-basis schedule on what to achieve first.

Be self-aware

Check on yourself and figure out what makes you light up a cigarette. You may dodge these instances when you know what makes you do this.

Replace smoking with healthier substitutes

Pick a hobby or grab a portion of French food that is healthy and helpful. After a meal, mint, or gum, Fruits can help you remove the habit little by little.

Final Words

There are many healthy and safer ways to quit smoking. Smokers who wish to quit can choose any of these options while eliminating nicotine consumption and the effects that go with it.

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