For another time this year, the international and local artists are reshaping Monton’s urban landscape. 

The Inspire Festival in Moncton is a mural fest that allows artists to make interactive installations, frescoes, and other artistic wall projects within seven days. This festival aims to transform and adorn the city’s environment. 

The Inspire Festival commemorates art in its different forms by combining street shows, street art, and music. In 2019, a French artist known as Oak Oak created fantastic and inspiring workpieces. His work brought a smile to the faces of pedestrians.

Storekeepers and local citizens will surely be blown away by the performances during the Inspire Festival in Moncton. This festival also aims to invoke curiosity about how these global influences will collaborate with Moncton’s specificities. 

Moreover, permanent works and pop-up installations will create a superb setting that advocates the public to participate in the festival’s collective works. The contextual art prevalent in this festival is unlike the ones you typically see in formal exhibition spaces, mainly art galleries. 

The art pieces you’ll see here depict the original space of reality: the street. Urban art bolsters inspiration between perception and creation. 

You are invited to wander the streets of Moncton and be amazed by the masterpieces of the participating artists. Mark your calendar as the Inspire Festival starts July 8th through July 13th. 

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