For its first edition, The Night for Ideas will launch its 7th Canadian edition with seven online events in partnership with Canada’s cultural network. From Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa to Victoria, every event welcomes attendees to participate and reflect on the theme “Collective Rebuilding.” 

You might be wondering what is there to rebuild and with whom, especially in what is deemed a hard time in history. These questions are expected as we all seem to be going back and forth between crises. There will be an opportunity to answer different questions in each of these online events. 

Also in attendance will be prominent French and Canadian figures from various fields, including academia, culture and the arts, and more. The Night of Ideas is an excellent time to engage in discussions and dialogue pertaining to disciplines and culture.

1. Moncton: Picturing a Covid-Free World

The Night for Ideas Moncton event encourages discussions on how to rehabilitate and rethink once the world is finally COVID-free. The program starts at 7:30 pm, and it involves several artistic presentations. 

2. Halifax: Climate Action for the Future

The event at Halifax aims to create concrete plans on how everyone can contribute to rebuilding our environment through a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. It aims at reconstructing the bridge between the present and the future, and it happens on January 27th.

3.Ottawa: Collective Rebuilding Through Arts

The event at Ottawa will present a series of artistic performances and conversations centered around collective rebuilding through culture and arts. 

4.Vancouver: NFTs and Art

The rising popularity of NFTs can be a way to open new opportunities and foster the creation and propagation of French art.

5. Toronto: Rebuilding Diversity

The Toronto event nurtures relationships between animals, humans, oceans, and plants. 

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