Canadian publishers who want to have their catalogs opened to texts by French-speaking authors can gain an advantage from the Publication Assistance Program offered by the French Institute. This opportunity is offered twice a year.

This program offers assistance to publishers to cover in whole or in part the rights’ purchase. The Paris Institute will regulate the selection. 

All publishers who wish to submit their files must contact the rightful owners of their desired titles ahead of time to create a transfer contract, mainly to set aside payment while waiting for the commission’s decision. 

The Publication Assistance Program grant is suitable for all book types except how-to books, technical books, and textbooks. 

Terms and Conditions

For this bi-annual assistance program, a deadline for applications is set. For the February 2022 period, the deadline is set at January 23rd. 

The projects submitted have to be unfinished and still in progress as the grant will not be given to projects that have been published already. Additionally, the projects’ publication dates should be a minimum of three months post the February Period committee meeting. 


Applicants for the French Institute Application Program must present the following documents:

  • A contract of transfer of rights, written in French or English and signed by the concerned two publishing houses. It should indicate the transfer amount in euros and the exact figure.
  • A balanced budget, dated and signed by the foreign publisher. It should indicate the amount of support borrowed from the French Institute in dollars.
  • A convention written in French and signed by the local publisher. 

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